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White papers, reports, articles, etc. from the start 2008


The story behind Sweden's first electric highway. Ten questions to Sweden's expert on electric highways Long haul transports by electric trucks - what is possible within 15 years? Swedish Energy Agency report Business and financing models for infrastructure when electrifying heavy duty road transports 2013-08-29 Investigation of localizations, stakeholders and funding for an evaluation of electrical roads. Svenska Elvägar Tech Study 2011 - Appendix 1 Prerequisites for Electrification of the Swedish Main Road Network Vehicle Systems for Electric Roads Dynamic analysis of interaction between Vehicle, pantograph and overhead wire/line (OHW/OHL) Active/intelligent current collector/pantograph Development of active pantographs for heavy road vehicles Electric roads - A study of electricity supply for land-based wire-based transport Video Clip Outlining the Basics of Electric Roads Prestudy 2010 - Electric roads - electrification of heavy road transports Cost-benefit analysis of electric highways Environmental analysis Presentation at the Swedish Parliament Freight transport on electric road receives SEK 100,000 from the Swedish National Road Administration Jubilee Fund. Electric Roads Better than High Speed Rail