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Gamechanging the economy

Gamechanging economy for haulage contractors, logistic operators and for concessions / PPP-initiatives. A challenge for governments!


Payback period for investment is less than 6 years.

Electric road system

Depending on price of diesel and electricity, the fuel savings of a truck can be € 0.4 /km. A "long haul truck" travelling 200,000 km yearly saves € 80,000 - a considerable yearly cost saving. For a fleet of 1,000 trucks, the yearly savings amounts to € 80 million.

The estimated cost to electrify one kilometer of road is € 2 million. One truck is € 60,000. The costs are expected to decline over time. Electrification of 1,000 km of roads and 5,000 trucks will total € 2,300 millions.

The yearly savings of 5,000 trucks will then be € 400 million while the investment is € 2,300 million. The payback period is less than 6 years!

Half of savings are tax.

Electric road system

Different tax on fossil energy and fossil-free energy together with the electric motor's high efficiency means that the tax base is drastically reduced.

From the societys perspective, it is obvious that fossil-free transports need a fossil independent tax system! Tax incomes will be independent from variations in crude oil price!